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More people drafted in, as search for missing 2-year-old expands


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About 100 officials and volunteers have been mobilised, supported two police sniffer dogs, GPS tracking and blood trace detection devices, in the expanding search for the 2-year-old Lahu tribe boy, who has been missing for nearly 10 days from his home in the Muang district of Chiang Rai province.


Yesterday, the search effort focused on and around the hill-top house of the boy’s parents, in Mae Yao sub-district, and reeks in the village, as well as the spot where he was last seen. No clues to either the whereabouts of the boy or how he disappeared have been found so far.


Aekkaluck Loomchomkhae, chief of the Centre for Missing People of the Mirror Foundation, said that the areas which were searched yesterday had been searched before but, this time, it was more thorough.


Full story: Thai PBS 2024-04-01


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