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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium Reopens After Renovation


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CHIANG MAI (NNT) - Chiang Mai Zoo has reopened its aquarium following a 29-million-baht renovation funded by the Zoological Park Organization (ZPO). The renovation, which upgraded facilities and enhanced the aquarium's educational and conservation functions, was completed in time for its reopening at the beginning of this month.


The newly renovated aquarium, nestled on a mountain and recognized as the country's first, has been designed with a focus on environmental protection. ZPO Director-General Attapon Srihayrun said the improvements are anticipated to lead to a 10% increase in revenue from admission fees. 


The facility boasts the world's longest underwater tunnel, extending 133 meters, and features an extensive collection of river fish species. Over 80 species from the Mekong and Chao Phraya Basins are exhibited at the site, making it both a major tourist attraction and one of the vital research and conservation centers in the North.


Improvements made during the renovation also include enhancements to the aquarium's air conditioning, walkways, and ventilation systems, all of which aim to improve the well-being of the marine animals housed there. The ZPO has also allocated an additional one million baht to expand the variety of marine species displayed within the zoo.


by Krajangwit Johjit


Source: NNT 2024-04-20


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