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24 Hour Holter Heart Monitor Cost

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Sorry no idea about price in Thailand but these days it is unlikely to be a 24hr monitor.

Instead they now use these mini monitors that you leave on even to shower & they like to gather 14 days of data


Which is really much better as often a 24 hour may not even show a problem. Not to mention the old holters were big bulky affairs

This new type is nice as it monitors the whole time & also has a button on it so if you detect an event yourself you can press it & it marks that time frame for those who later review the whole recording


In the USA when I had the long 14 day monitoring version (I have had both types 😉 ) the report is generated by Boston Scientific & is quite interesting to pour over. Of course they send it to your cardiologist first 😉 


I'm sure Thailand has something similar.....Good Luck



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