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Conversion from non-immigrant B visa (with work permit) to non-immigrant O (reirement) visa

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I have been living and working in Bangkok for over 15 years. I have a non-immigrant B visa and a work permit. I am planning to retire soon and want to convert my non-immigrant B visa to a retirement visa.

Can the visa be converted within Thailand (without the need to exit the country and return on a tourist visa)? It seems this may not be possible.

I have complied with the 800000 baht rule and have a letter from my bank.

Also, I own my condominium and have all paperwork in respect of that.

Has anyone had recent experience converting to a retirement visa? Did you exit the country and return on a tourist visa? What kind of tourist visa did you get? 

Also, can you recommend a visa agent?

I am aware of the "special" services Thai Via Centre provide.

Any comments or suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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You will be starting retirement from scratch so you will either have to prove that 800,000 came from overseas, or you can provide the tax return from last year ( or i would think also possibly the year before) to prove money earned over 800,000 a year to the bank.

I am in a similar situation and went to chaeng wattana to ask them about the 800,000. They said the last earnings tax return will do it.

You could use an agent to help.

I do not know any.

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