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Python Intrudes Football Match in Chon Buri, Prompting Swift Rescue


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A football match in Chon Buri took a startling turn when players encountered an enormous python, leading to a prompt response from local rescue teams.


The incident unfolded when a 4.12-metre-long python was discovered nesting with 21 eggs at the entrance of a football field in Surasak sub-district, Si Racha district. Sittichai Samrit, head of the Naprao community, alerted authorities about the potentially dangerous situation.


Officials from Chao Phraya Surasak municipality’s disaster prevention and mitigation department, alongside rescue personnel, swiftly arrived at the scene. They met Sittichai, who directed them to a pile of dry leaves and branches where the python and its eggs were hidden.


The snake, coiled protectively around its eggs, posed a significant risk to children who frequently play in the area.


Using specialised equipment, the rescue team carefully captured the python and secured all 21 eggs. Both the snake and the eggs were then relocated to a safe natural habitat, ensuring the area was safe for local children and football enthusiasts.


One player, 30-year-old Kanthanat Em-im, described how the discovery unfolded. Kanthanat and his friends had been playing football when one of them stumbled upon the python while relieving himself near the leafy spot. They initially found only the eggs but decided to wait, hoping to capture the mother snake as well.


Their patience was rewarded when the python returned the following day. Understanding the potential threat, they alerted authorities immediately. The quick response underscored the community's commitment to keeping the playing fields safe.


This unusual encounter serves as a reminder of the wildlife that can sometimes wander into human spaces, particularly in areas like Chon Buri. Thanks to the prompt actions of local officials and residents, the python was safely removed, allowing the football field to return to its normal, child-friendly atmosphere.




-- 2024-06-22


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Picture courtesy: Bounce Nation Kenya

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My friend Billy, had a ten foot willy,

 He showed it to the girl next-door

She thought it was a snake 

 so she hit it with a rake  

And now its only three foot Four. ................................

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