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Do not go to singapore

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Just got back from my second time to the Thai Embassy in Singapore.  The first time they wouldn't issue me a non-immigrant "B" visa unless I had a sponsor letter and tax documents from a Thai company (I tried using an USA company).  But they would issue a tourist visa.

My second trip this week to the Singapore Embassy, they wouldn't issue a tourist visa because they said I was just issued one three months ago.  They said I could only be in Thailand for 30 days.  I didn't want to argue with them about it so I figure I will find a more "friendly" embassy to visit.  Their noses were so high in the air, it was unbelievable.  They know nothing of "customer service" or polite behavior.  I will never darken their doorstep again.

Funny, isn't it?  Tourist arrivals are down over 50 percent in May 2003 from a year ago, but the Singapore Embassy consular officers don't want to help out by issuing tourist visas?  My goodness, you don't want people staying in Thailand 60 days with a second tourist visa!  Who is running the show?  Last time I was at the Thai Embassy in Los Angeles , they were willing to give me three (3) tourist visas at one time.

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Had a bad experience with the Singapore Thai Embassy too. Though its just a small matter, it annoyed the #### out of me. Those ppl should go for some manner-improvement class! The lady on the phone with me surely got her B*tch title after that.

Anyway.... try the Thai embassy in Penang, Malaysia. They are really friendly and the last time I was there, though they told me my company letter might not be so detailed in terms of figure, they approved my 3-month anyway with a 'M' entry for a year.

Good luck.

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Hi Stopper and Wei you are damned right about the staff of the Thai Embassy in Singapore. They are having an attitude problems (roy percent).

I as a Singaporean too have difficulties communicating with these rude, arrogant and could'nt care less imbeciles.

Stopper, you said they refused to issue you a tourist visa just beacuse you were given one three months ago, strange, if I am not mistaken I have read somewhere in this forum that

the Singapore Thai Embassy claimed that there is no limit to the numbers of visa one can apply. :o

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Hahahaa.... my boss was there yesterday and guess what... he was complaining big time about it this morning.... em... guess must be really bad.... wonder if there is any board or authority that we can highlite this too..

Yeah... Penang is cool... nice friendly people too.. :o  anyone need any info on Penang.. i can help ... miss home too.... . :D

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Poor guys... just do what I did. Marry a Thai ambassador's close relative...  :D

That made things a lot easier (although that's not why I married her! :laugh: )

Last time I went to do my visa, he called down there and told them I was coming. ####, they sent the embassy van to pick me up, was in and out of the visa section in 15 minutes (that includes application time and getting the stamp) then I was driven in a nice new Benz for lunch...

Anyway, I'm going again next month, anyone wanna come?  :o

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Guys, much as I agree that the people in the Thai embassy are arrogant here in Singapore, I'd say it's not all that bad in Singapore. There are of course crappy moments but it's just the embassy that's worse off than the rest. I tried calling and nobody picked up the phone at the embassy, even when I called 5 times today!
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