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Stairs In The Paragon Hotel Phnom Phen


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I managed to finally get a booking in the Paragon Hotel on Sisowath Quay road in Phnom Phen. (after I tried to send a fax, then phoned to ask why the fax wasn't working and asking them to reply to my email instead)

My choice was based on the fact it has a view of the river from a private balcony - and most reviews I've read seemed positive EXCEPT for some comments about steep stairs.

The Hotel, in the Cambodian Yellow Pages, claims to have an elevator and I've read one review about the hotel planning to install one.

Can anyone tell me if they have fitted an elevator yet - or - is it still a steep climb up narrow stairs?

Thanks :o

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You've probably read these reviews http://www.tripadvisor.com/Hotel_Review-g2...Phnom_Penh.html

I can't tell whether the lift has been installed, certainly as of April this year it wasn't

Thanks for the reply and link seonai.

I quite like the Tripadvisor reviews and this had already helped narrow down my choice of hotels.

Guess I'll just live in hope and wait to find out.

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Have you tried to climb the stairs of Angkor Wat?

Not sure of your point ...... but yep - sure did climb the stairs at Angkor Wat.

The obvious differences include .... The Paragon is a hotel and not a World Heritage site and I wasn't carrying any bags or making the same climb 4 or 5 times a day.

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Thanks for your reply rfsmdo

How do you book your room and are they reliable in keeping the type of room that you request?

I tried faxing the hotel twice and then emailing but got no reply until I telephoned.

The comments of "fax not working" & "haven't checked internet today" were not encouraging.

I'm planning on faxing , emailing and phoning about 3 days before I arrive in the hope that my 'deluxe with private balcony' will be held for me.

Thanks again :o

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