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Lost Thai Drivers License

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I just lost my Thai drivers license, a five-year license only granted last May.

I'll be going to the Transport Dept soon to start the process of replacement. Have any other forum members dealt with this before? Just wondering if it's pretty straightforward, or whether I can look forward to starting from scratch (ie, taking the written text again, getting a one-year probationary license, etc).

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First go to the police and report the loss, and get a copy of the report.

Go to the Office where you got your original licence, and explain.

They should be able to find your record.

It is all computerised now.

My guess is they will issue a new one, on payment of the normal fee,

and photocopy of your passport

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I lost my one a few months ago, well actually stolen with my wallet.

Went to the police and got a report, but luckily the day before I was going down to the licensing office, it arrived back in the post.

Seems there are some good hearted thieves around. :o

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Same situation, had my wallet stolen years ago. Cancelled all my cards, and went to the police to report the loss of my Thai licence. They charged me a fee of 10 baht to write the report, which I took to the Dept of Lands and Transport, who issued a new licence on the spot. My wallet arrived in the post a week later courtesy of a local hotel (The Duang Tawan) with a compliments slip inside. All the contents were intact, less a small amount of cash. A nice warm fuzzy feeling ensued, knowing that there are good people out there.....................

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