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Assuming that I find a place teaching in Bangkok, i've learned from ajarn.com that I could expect to do maybe 20(ish) contact hours and about the same again in prep and marking etc.

But what free (holiday) time do I get throughout the course of the year?

I've been to Thailand many times but only on 3 week (max) vacations :o , in which i get settled and don't tend to move around too much.

When i get over to there to work, I really want to see some of the more remote parts plus Vietnam, Cambodia & Laos etc. :D

Thanks for your help.

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Can depend on if you're on a contract or not (and where and who you're working (for) etc.). If you are you can get quite lovely paid holidays (at least a couple of months a year) if you ain't on a contract you might find you're off 3-4 months a year (plus the odd day here and there) unpaid (although you can find work at summer camps etc.). So it kind of depends, but generally you have the option of a fair amount of holidays BUT it's whether you can afford to take them if you don't have a contract!

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