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Ati Radeion Graphics Card 512/128 Bit/ Ddr 2


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I just bought the above graphics card (HD 2600 Pro) yesterday, but seem to be having problems with the picture on my monitor intermittantly it goes snowy and becomes unstable; but when I turn off the monitor and turn it on again the pic is back to normal. I have never had any problems with the monitor before s I am supposing that this something to do with the new card, is it faulty? Any suggestions?

I am running XP service pack 2 with 3GB of DDR Ram. Intel® Pentium ® D CPU 3.40 GHz. The settings on the card are 1440 x 900, High (32 bit) Standard Refresh 75Hz

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It is set to to 75hz 60 was just not clear enough resolution is at 1440 x 900 or should I have a lower refresh and a higher resolution?

It's not clear if you are using a CRT or a LCD monitor? The snowy part suggests a CRT but the 1440x990 wide screen suggests a LCD. 75Hz should be fine for a wide screen LCD and that is standard resolution for a 19" wide screen. If a CRT then 75Hz could be too high depending on how old the monitor is. Pull the VGA cable connector off and re-seat it securely in case of dirty contacts. Also as suggested, if access to another computer, put the monitor on it for a while.

Make and model of the monitor would be useful.

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As I only got the card on Sunday and never had any problems before with the monitor, I think that I am in agreement, as the faulty his happening peridically and sometimes with an interval of an our or just a few minutes, I reckon that I might have difficulties changing getting a replacement for card under Thai consumer laws; but will try.

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