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I've been working for this company called English Plus for a few months now. They have paid me late every single pay day, and the delays have been getting longer and longer recently. Whenever I phone them they don't answer the phone, then turn it off. Yesterday I called and they said they'd transfered the money, but I checked and there was nothing. Tried calling again this morning, but I get the cold shoulder.

This is really starting to piss me off :o . I know every other teacher at the centre has been through this too, and many have been waiting for nearly 2 months to get paid. This is ridiculous and extremely rude, not to mention appauling business practice. I've worked for a number of companies in Thailand, and I've never experienced this before.

I also just found out that the manager - Manoch Bhesayanavin - was succesfully sued at the labour office (?) a number of years back for lost wages, among other things, by a teacher he tried to sack.

I understand that EP is an international franchise, so I was wondering if it's possible to complain to those who grant the license. I don't know who that is, or where they are located, but I would like to let the person who gave out the license that his behaviour towards the staff is completely unacceptable.

Any advice - or other suggestions - for dealing with this would be greatly appreciated.

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Most are franchises. Over recent years I think at least 3 E+ franchises opened in Chiang Mai and closed within a year. The owners of the franchises seem to get a poor deal from the franchisor so I wouldn't expect you'll find sympathy for your cause at 'head' office. It also sounds as if the school has cash flow problems - no money in the bank at the moment. Get a Thai friend to contact your local labour office. They will call the school and threaten them. You'll get paid but certainly all things considered start to look for a new job.

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Get a Thai friend to contact your local labour office. They will call the school and threaten them.

That's great advice Loaded. I'll have a go at doing just that.

Thanks very much :o

I just called them again. They said that they'd trried transfering the money before but the account number was wrong. I forwarded the original text message with the number in it, pointing out that it was the correct number. They got really angry.

I happened to mention the labour office and then they threatened me, saying that 'this is my country and you can't speak to me like that. If you call the labour office be prepared, because you won't be safe'. I asked them to tell me what would happen, but they just told me to 'be careful'.

I hate this bullshit.

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I worked for them for a few months, also did the same thing to me, also paid me late several times.I actually had to go to the main office to pick up my check, after giving them my 2 centz, they let me go, but thats excatly what I wanted, found out they actually over paid me 4000 baht, which I didnt mention it to them. They have bad business practices, and also open and close schools like theres no tommorow , seems manoch is cashing in, I would stay clear of this establishment, because one day they will cease to exist. There are ton of school's better then them, If I were all the teachers at english + , I would go on strike till everyone is paid, then boycott them and leave lol, they will have to close all there businesses and go bankrupt lol btw englishteacher, what is your first name? I think I know you lol

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