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New Traffic Lights


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Both sides of Sukhumvit have just had new traffic lights installed, it appears they will open up the middle of sukh to allow right turns out of Soi Siam CC and possibly right turns from nth bound traffic into Soi Siam CC.

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Give it a chnace guys.

This was planned months ago and well reported. They reckon the lights will make it safer for people who used to come from Soi Nern Plub Wan and going into Pattaya Klang. Should make access to Northbound lanes a lot easier too

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Thats brilliant, I always hated the no right turn from Soi Siam CC - absolute nightmare trying to get across quick and then pulling a U turn to go Northbound.

This will make life a lot easier.

...provided of course the locals can get to grips with the significance of Red, Amber and Green....? :o

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Don't bet on it! May I remind you that there ARE traffic signals installed at some of the intersections of the "Relief Roads" parallel to the RR tracks? And, even if they do activate them, at some point, who knows when they'll be turned on. One never knows if the lights at Thepprasit and Theppraya will be on, right?

Remember that there were working lights at Nernplubwarn and Suk 3 years ago, when I moved here. And Soi Siam, as well as other intersections on Suk, were once "open", with lights, as well. For some reason, the brilliant folks in charge of traffic in Pattaya closed them off with those "temporary" barriers.

These people haven't got a clue about how to control traffic efficiently. Not a trace of a clue!

That said, I strongly hope you're right! It really will help a great deal, especially with that safety factor that Damman2 noted. It is so infuriating to have those DAMM motorbikes coming up on your LEFT to turn inside of you, while you're looking RIGHT to find a clear spot in the oncoming traffic!! It amazes me that there aren't several of them per day wiped out. Make that amazes AND DISAPPOINTS me! (Of course, I now normally make every effort to ensure that there is not enough room for even a bicycle to sqeeze between my car and the left side of any turn corner!)

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well, its not so much the traffic control problem, as the drivers.

the block off areas because drivers are cutting across 4 lanes of traffic at a right angle to the oncoming traffic, rather then drive down the road a bit, merging across and doing a u-turn.

its like herding feral cats.

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And they are going to have to syncronize them with the lights at the junction of Klang, although I doubt they will.

I can just picture all the traffic coming through the green lights at Klang to be stopped at red just 100m further on and the whole junction becoming gridlocked

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I just saw on TV that two people were killed in the area of those new lights.


At Suk and Soi Siam, Barry?! Got any details, anybody?

I just drove up there yesterday, and I didn't see any operational lights. I nearly always use Soi Siam when heading for Pattaya Klang, or north of there. I live near the east end of "motorbike he-l" (Nernplubwarn), which is now also torn up for installation of new drain pipes. I avoid driving on that nightmare road unless absolutely necessary. But, as noted earlier, while the traffic enroute to Suk is MUCH easier to deal with than the thousands of unlicensed, un-helmeted, and just plain STUPID bike drivers, food carts, etc., on Nernplubwarn; that left turn at Suk is a bitch!

I'm guessing that the fatalities were caused by a motorbike ignoring the light. Of course, that's always my guess, since it has about a 90% chance of being right!

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There were some plans a few months ago to chance the traffic situation at Soi N.P.W. and Soi S.C.C.

Outgoing traffic from N.P.W. to Sukhumvit can only enter Sukhumvit from S.C.C.

Incoming traffic from Sukhumvit to N.P.W. will be one-way.

If the do things properly :o they will regard the junctions

- Pattaya Klaang - Sukhumvit

- Neung Pleb Waan - Sukumvit

- Siam Country Club Road - Sukhumvit

as one juntion.

Problem will really get nasty as soon as the entrance from motorway number 7 will be connected to Sukhumvit.

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