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  1. Every TV manufacturer makes TVs that have multiple ways to connect to the various signals. Antenna and cable connections as well as WIFI and LAN.
  2. I just looked again and can confirm the Adobe Reader is free versus the Acrobat versions. Here is the link. Scoll to lower part of site for download free version of just the reader. https://www.adobe.com/th_en/acrobat/pdf-reader.html
  3. I will reply to this question. Adobe Acrobat Reader is a free software. It was and is now and can be installed from any place on the net. It allows fill and sign. I do not understand why you went to Pirate Bay to download. Are you sure you need the Reader or are you referring to the full Acrobat software? Acrobat in not free for sure. They want you to subscribe to the system or pay a really high amount for a complete download. Good luck
  4. The "new" owners are actually the original property owners and they are back in business says my wife
  5. Just to add my two baht to this. Bleach has a shelf life of about 6 months and starts losing strength . Possible in this heat even faster.
  6. I have used this software "Home Bookkeeping" for about 10 years now. Has always worked for me. https://www.keepsoft.com/hbk/windows_hbk_about.php
  7. You need to watch more of it to find out the white chick is living in a black neighborhood in fear of losing their house so the city can build a freeway project
  8. Yes, after finally finding the first 3 episodes I watched and slept my way through 2 episodes and wondered why. Very slow and not very exciting. This old woman is so dangerous? Maybe 20 years earlier but now? I am going to try to stick with it just out of curiosity to see if it gets any better towards the last episodes,,,,,,,,,,,wish me luck. The support cast are not even good to help. No really known faces in this series.
  9. I have looked at my usual download sites and cannot find this series as of today,,,,,,,,,,where did you find it please?
  10. I am due for my retirement extension this month. I use my BBL FCD account to show the 800k or more money in the bank. I keep substantially more then the required amount. When I update my passbook the months that have no transactions do not appear in the book. I have been getting the bank letter just showing the current balance matching the book balance on the day of renewal. So, now I need a 1 year statement showing the balance and transaction during the previous year? My guess is that statement will not show any amounts for the months that have no activity. I guess that is what I will use.
  11. My guess is that SCB will only limit the app to people that have the account and the registered phone number to that account. One number only! More security.
  12. Watched Ep 1 an 2 last night. This guy is portrayed as a real dumb IMHO. He makes trouble for himself and his family with the choices he makes. He creates the stuff he gets himself in to. No one in their right mind would goe miles into the wild alone the way he does. But I guess he has to listen and do what the screen writers wrote and the director told him to do for the series. I will keep watching to see if he can wake up!
  13. Sorry to see the site close as it was one of my go to places for torrents. Too bad
  14. Use this website or not it's always your choice. As the ladies here say, "Up to you" I use the site as I am a Yank that enjoys the USA TV programming and there are several channels here that I like to watch from time to time.
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