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hi there,

bought a new desktop mac earlier this year in aus, and the other day a pink vertical line suddenly appeard on the screen, anyone know what this could be?

can anyone recommend a mac dealer i can take it to? and what chances i would have getting it repaired under warranty even though it was not bought here?

i bought bluetooth mouse+keyboard, and after about 4 months had problems with them diconnecting (not batts either). anyone else had this prob?



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The same thing has happened to my friends Macbook G4, one pink line and one blue line running down the screen. It seems to be a common issue. In both cases where I have seen this, the machines in question were powered off for a considerable length of time. Have you left the machine off or in storage for a while by any chance?

Sorry, where are you in Thailand? Maybe I can help you locate a dealer - or you can refer to this previous thread by clicking here

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If it is still within warranty it might be worth while firing an email off to Apple. A quick google showed that it seemed to be a common(ish) and expensive problem back in 2007 with the 17" iMacs in particular . What is the serial number? The ones failing seemed to fall into the W860****U2N range indicating they were made at particular factory in Shanghai.

Also, do you have another monitor you can hook up to check if the problem is with the screen itself or with the graphics card (or even memory). Resetting the PRAM and NVRAM has been suggested and is probably worth a try.

Regarding the keyboard and mouse problem, I had a similar issue. I took the keyboard back to the shop twice and it always worked fine when paired with their computers so I removed and unpaired it from my computer, hooked up the old wired keyboard and rebooted a couple of times before re-installing the wireless one and since then it has worked fine.

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I guess you mean earlier in 2008. Get it to an authorized Apple dealer before the warranty expires and let them take care of it. If you are paranoid about the issue, buy an extended warranty for 3 years - you can only buy that if it's still inside the 1 year warranty. It's expensive but they'll do everything for you.

Apple warranty is world-wide, so any authorized Apple dealer will take care of your computer under warranty. There's a list on Apple's website but in Thailand all the shops I have seen selling Apple gear were authorized resellers.

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The official Mac service centre, which I have used several times, is situated on the ground floor of the building next to Tesco on Rama III.

The oldest and most correct of the Mac authorised dealers is UFICOM at Panthip Plaza, Petchburi Road where they have a shop and a workshop. They also have a large dedicated Mac store at Panthip in Nonthaburi. I have excellent service from them over the last 10 years and bought several Macs from them. If you go there and have problems, (unlikely) ask to peak to 'J-J' the CEO.

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