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Hotel Recommendation Please

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Can anyone recommend a resort on samui's west coast? Something not too fancy maybe around 2 - 3,000 baht per night. My retired parents visiting for a few days and I think they would enjoy this quiet part of the island. Close proximity to things like quiet beaches, waterfalls, temples and thai markets are what they are after.

I think somewhere in Lipa Noi would be ideal.

thanks in advance.

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If your parents like to swim, Lipa Noi is by far the best place on the west coast. But no markets, shops, restaurants (other than in the few hotels). Rajapruek and the Lipa Lovely Resort (former Big John) are in the 2000 Baht price range, Little Pearl even cheaper.

If swimming (and shopping) is not so important, Thong Khrut and Taling Ngam are lovely. E.g. the Wiesenthal in Taling Ngam (close to Five Island Restaurant), or one of the many Bungalows to rent in Thong Khrut (plenty of Restaurants there). But again few shops only and no real market.

Maenam Beach is also not too busy, there you can get bungalows right at the beach for under 2000, and plenty of shops/market/restaurants.

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