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Today I received my first work permit but due to certain things quit about 8 hours later. Can anyone help me with advice about what i have to do now?? I left on good terms and they said they will only cancel the work permit, does that mean that my non-imm b Im on will still be valid?? Basically can I stay till it runs out?? It was obtained through this company

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We need details of your Non-Immigrant "B" visa and permitted to stay/admitted until stamp in your passport to properly respond. If your original Non-Immigrant "B" entry stamp is still valid, not expired, then you should be able to remain in Thailand until it runs out. If by chance you are on a work extension of stay, then you either need to get a 7 day extension from immigration or make a visa run (get out of the country) ASAP. You should also get a letter from your former employer stating that you are no longer employed and the date your employment terminated. You could be on overstay already.

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