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Settlement Visa For Uk

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Hi everyone, just a simple question.

When a settlement visa is issued for the uk what is the time period that you must use it

You can post-date an application for up to 3 months. It is then best to use the visa asap. Why would anyone bother getting a 2 year settlement visa and then waiting a long time to use it? They'd have been better to wait before applying in that case. Most people wait to apply until they can get a visa dated for when they intend to travel. My wife got her visa valid for a particular date and we were in the UK that day as I booked the ticket on receipt of the visa.

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The visa will be valid for 27 months. To be time qualified for the next step, Indefinite Leave to Remain, the holder must have been in the UK for at least 24 months, otherwise they will need an expensive extention. As said above, the start of the visa can be post dated for up to 3 months.

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