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Angthong Residents On Avian Flu Watch


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Angthong residents on avian flu watch

By The Nation

Published on January 19, 2009

Angthong residents on avian flu watch

Residents of the central province of Angthong were yesterday advised to be cautious about avian flu as more than 10,000 birds fleeing cold weather in China were now wintering there.

The areas at risk are located along AngthongSawaeng Ha Road in Pho Thong district, where flocks of lesserwhistling ducks and openbilled storks are feeding.

Provincial livestock chief Suebsawas Phakphiboon said the probability of an avian flu outbreak so far has been zero even before disinfectant was sprayed in the areas to calm the villagers.

However, he called on villagers not to eat both birds, or even hunt lesserwhistling ducks, which were protected by law.

"There are reports about openbilled storks being a potential carrier for bird flu but no signs of the disease have been detected or are likely," he said.

In nearby Kanchanaburi, livestock and public health officials are inspecting areas with a history of bird flu. Those districts are Phanom Thuan and Tha Maka.

In Bangkok, tags will be issued ahead of Chinese New Year later this week to poultry farmers whose facilities pass the city's foodsafety certification, deputy city clerk Kraijak Kaewnil said.

The Disease Control Department has said that the bird flu situation in 30 provinces was being monitored and no outbreak or transmission had been reported.

"There is nothing to worry about bird flu and the supply of vaccine for treatment is sufficient," deputy directorgeneral Somchai Chakrabhand said.

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