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Better Modem For Cat Shdsl ?


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Hi all,

Using the CAT supplied Zyxel 791R modem+router on the 2/2m SHDSL line is not ideal.

The webbased interface is unstable

The functions of the router are limited

The webbased interface blocks after some time, after which you need to reboot the unit. Called CAT, they replaced the unit with a new one which seems to have exactly the same problem. Now I use the telnet interface to make changes since the webinterface is unstable. (Firmware used is the latest version). Secondly the functions of this modem/router are very limited. I need to forward certain ports on the LAN to different ports on the WAN side, and this is not possible.

Question: Does anyone use a different modem+router for CAT SHDSL, if so which one do you recommend?



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I've got the same router. I bought it myself for B8300. The NAT setup is completely pants, but apart from that, understanding its limitations, I haven't had any issues with it.

If you want quality, I'm sure there a Cisco router out there with your name on it, but it might set you back a bit.

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Cisco SOHO78: Performs all functions you ask for. Smallest router of the g.shdsl series.

Cisco 828: Littlebit faster processor, EIGRP routing protocol and can be setup for incoming VPN connections.

Cisco 878: Very strong router, also supports 4-wire g.shdsl.

These routers have a java-based web-interface, but it supports just the basic configuration options. The CLI provides the rest.

Check Ebay for a good price, I can supply the configuration for CAT if required.

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