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Sunbathing And Swimming In Bangkok


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Hi there,

I would like to work up a tan while being here in Bankok. This will probably qualify me as crazy or weird in some Thais´ opinion ;-) And even in some farrangs´.

Are there any good places in Bangkok for this? I mean public swimmingpools or private (if not to expensive) or somewhere else?

I am staying close to Victory Monument so it would be nice if it is nearby. There is a small and very nice park a 5 minute walk from my apartment, but the pond doesn't really qualify as a swimming pool ;-) And I don't really think that the park's visitors would appriciate me lying around sunbathing.

Thank you in advance!


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Don't know if they really fit the bill, but there are a number of water parks around Bangkok. Some are in shopping malls and I am not sure about whether the sun shines on all of them. I usually go to LeoLand on the top of Central Plaza, Bang Na, where there are sun loungers etc alongside the various swimming pools. Do a web search on 'water parks' and Bangkok.

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