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Transport From Cha


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Most Thaivisa readers can only think of 1 way: hire a taxi/private car. No doubt they'll follow up with recommended contacts.

The way by public transport: go to HuaHIn/nearby-take the train as far as Surat-by day (and then its either a very basic overnight ferry or a night in some local hotel there) or by night-but as its 3-4 hrs beyond BKK it means you wont have much of a sleep. Dont bother with advertised combination tixkets-the savings are nil and then you dont have choice. On arrival youll be met by dozens of eager Thai all wanting to get you on ''their'' bus to ferry etc.

OR: book yourself at lomprayah.com, this is a bus+catamaran combo, bus comes from BKK (dep 21.00) and stops also at main road near HuaHin-delivers you at their ferryquay near Chumporn-ferry serves Samui last after Tao-PangNga. They now have a special combo-price of 600 THB-but a (half)night in a bus is not anyones cup of tea.

as one could expect: about ay practical guidebook will also have thee details.

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Take a bus from Cha-am busstation to Surat Thani. Once there, take a taxi to an agency in Surat Thani called Samui Tours, the address is Thanon Talaat Mai in downtown Surat Thani. They sell tickets to the car ferry, which leaves every hour till 6 PM. You will be brought by bus to Don Sak, on the mainland directly opposite Koh Samui, 70 KM from Surat Thani, and there you board the car ferry.

Avoid the tourist ferries that leave directly from Surat Thani itself, they are small boats full of people and bacpacks, that take 3 hours to reach Koh Samui.

You might also be able to get a direct Koh Samui boud bus from Cha-am busstation.

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