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Ducks & Geese


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I started with 4 Ducks (muscovy type) and 2 Geese (chinese browns - I think) which I aquired as you do.

After two years and lots of ups and downs we've now got 20 Ducks + 11 Ducklings that seem to to be doing fine.

Its time to make decisions, considering we've eaten no Eggs from them and feed them with expensive 'Cow' pellets which I think consist mainly of maize meal. There expensive pets.

The Geese have to go, Too Bloody noisy, but does anyone keep ducks successfully and in an economically viable way.

Do I make the break from Pets to Killing them for the table or get shut like every other Animal I've experimented with.

One thing I have learn't is you need your own source of feed. I've got the land so what the best feed crop. Maize seems obvious I suppose.

Any advice welcome.

One of my big problems is we have a lot of land and I feel a need to use it which is why I've become a very unsuccessful Hobby farmer but I'm feed up of throwing good money at it. Maybe I should spend the money on Beer instead ........

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Rent the land out for 1000 baht/rai furnish duck with land as pest control for the renters crops giving him/her a % of offspring. Use income for beer and next time your in CM you may buy me one for my professional consultant fee. Since I know what my service is worth I will buy you a beer also.

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Sorry to be spoilsport but homebrew is illlegal in Thailand and if you discuss it in here it will shut down by the moderaters. Just ask Maizefarmer and he will confirm.

see ya johpam

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Ducks Mate , The subjects Ducks ;-)


A fellow member, Fruity, grows ducks and has a regular customer who comes to his place and buys the live birds. From memory about 50-60 baht/kg. Since they grow to market rate fastest than most things I have seen this could produce a regular if not huge source of income. Give it a try. PM Fruity for more details if you are interested, he is always eager to share information.


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