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New Work Permit

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Hi Guys,

I was talking with many different people. Result: 100 questions - 200 answers = I am confused!

My current situation:

Still holding a BOI work permit valid until 2010 and the corresponding visa

Married to Thai National

Got a new job and need to apply for a new WP (non BOI company)

What are my options? I know that I have to go to Immigration and cancel my visa, maybe applying for a 7 day (or 60 days? extention, due to my marriage). If I could get the 60 days extention, will it be possible to apply with this extention for a new WP.

Or do I have to travel to Singapore or KL to apply for a fresh Type B visa? Certainly I would like to avoid this travel for cost reasons etc.

I already have a signed employment agreement with the new company so I really do not understand, why I need to go abroad to get a new visa. But if it is the law, it is the law.

Thanks for any practical advise, I am running out of steam dealing with all the Thais in my old and new company who seem not to have any clue about what they are doing.

Thanks and cheers

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Your permission to stay is based on your work, but you are marreid to a Thai?

Your permisin to stay will indeed end and you can get a 60 day extension based on your marriage. If you have 400,000 in the bank for 2 months you can apply for a regular extension for one year based on your marriage right away.

If you can only get a 60 day extension you will have that time to find a new job and apply for a new WP. If you have at least 21 days left on your permission to stay you can won't have to leave the country but can apply for a new extension of stay based on your work.

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