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Bank Of Ayudhya Foreign Account

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I went today to the bank of Ayudhya to open a Foreign currency bank account. Was not too sure about the commision, but the girl said I would get interest at 0.7%, and If I withdrew Sterling (My currency) I would be charged 1% although that was what was going to deposited. However I could take out Thai Baht commision free from the ATM machine (which I thought would be handy in case of emergencies), but I was unsure about this, and what exchange they would give. Anyway I proceded to deposit 10,000 Sterling in 4 x 2,500 sealed packs, after examing all the notes, they would not accept 3 of them, as they was slightly damaged. Despite me saying that they were sealed from the bank of England, they would not take. So I replied 'up to you all or nothing' . So of course the account was not opened.

Anyway despite that, does anybody here have experiece of this account? and what are the charges. Is it all beneficial? do you get hit with the exchange when using the ATM card?

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