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Vehicle Ownership Transfer Out Of Province


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I'm in the process of buying a second-hand truck in Krabi. The vehicle was originally registered in Phuket 1 year ago, but I will be doing the transfer (hopefully) at the Krabi vehicle registration office with the current owner. Is this possible or will we all have to go to Phuket? Also what paper work is required - buyer and seller?

Thanks in advance


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I've been to the Phuket vehicle registration office this morning and found out the information for myself, which is this:

Both seller and buyer must attend the office where the vehicle was originally registered to transfer ownership. Any other changes to the registration book can be done out of province such as new paint colour, modifications or tax renewal.

Documents required for ownership transfer are: Residential address confirmation from immigration, copy of relevant passport pages + the following:




Mods. This information maybe worth pining?


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Just to add. The seller does not need to be present BUT you would then need Power of attorney form, transfer form and copy of the sellers Thai id card all signed.


PS Not sure what the 2nd and 3rd form are. Looks like a local Phuket thing as there are no insignia on the top.

Also a friend of mine sold a Bangkok rego'd bike in Chang Mai. Transfer done in CM. But i think the OP was keeping the Phuket plate so correct in that transfer where it was registered if keeping province plate.

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