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Ideas Of Ipv6, New Version Of Tcp


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ok so I'm not really sure this topic is solely based for thailand but global but since I see I can get a few good answers on here I figure I'll see what I can get anyways

I know as of right now majority of the world is running on IPV4 although from my understanding addresses for this are running out ( Not right now ) but future wise, I've heard various answers from 2 years, 6 months, 5 years. I know its already been happening but its a small number.

1. What does it take to deploy full IPV6

2. Not sure if I have this right or not but I heard IPv6 is supposed to have some better security measures than IPV4.

Somewhere I read about a newer version of TCP is supposed to come out, I can't remember the name of it, Anybody know when this might roll out.

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It will remain a small number for the indefinite future.

It's cheaper and easier to conserve the remaining IP address space using NAT than it is to try and change the global infrastructure to IPV6. There simply isn't a valid financial reason for moving to it.

Honestly, I will be shocked if you ever see widespread IPV6 deployment. It's a solution without a valid business case, dreamed up by people who needed to justify their grant money. IPV6 was conceived before it was obvious that NAT would be the accepted solution, and now it's just an anachronism.

If you want to deploy it, you need an IPV6 -> IPV4 router. This is basically nothing more than a NAT device that translates to an IPV6 address instead of an IPV4 private IP address. Otherwise there is little difference. Anything you can do with IPV6, you can do cheaper and easier with IPV4.

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