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Catch 22 (maybe 33)


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Hi Again,

A friend with a fairly new Acer laptop with approx 13" screen has this situation:

1) Laptop came with Vista

2) Couldn't stand the os, had someone blow it away and put on XP

3) Screen so small can't read it because his external keyboard moves it farther than his regular glasses (and reading ones too) can handle

4) Attached an external 20" screen and wants to make it the primary monitor (with start, quick start, icons etc) but can't because the ATI Control Panel needs to be installed to provide that functionality - go ahead and try to do that without ATI/nVidia add-ons, I'd love to know

5) Tried to install the ATI control panel (XP had only put on standard ATI driver) but cannot because, I think, his ATI Mobility Radeon HD 2400xt is only supported under Vista

What can he do to make the external screen the primary monitor while keeping XP, his glasses and his keyboard?



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Most newer computers and laptops don't have drivers for XP or are supported by xp anymore.

I just bit my tongue and tried to use vista even if I don't like it. I had to learn sooner or later because I don't think xp will live forever.

Had the same problem, there is no XP driver for the wireless adapter of my Acer Laptop. Had to settle with bleeding Vista and now using Win7 which is a relief after Vista.

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