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Gogo Babies?


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So apparently these days there are alot of "Farang" marrying up the Thai girls like hot cakes and having "Gogo Babies". I was first introduced to this term by a friend in New York or New Yark as locals refer to it. I was asking about a girl at a restaurant when a friend of mine(Thai-american but not mixed) said "She's a gogo baby." "Gogo baby?" I said. He then proceded to explain that a "Gogo baby" is not what you call all "Loog Krueng" or half thai half foreign peoples but specifically those with a Farang or foreign father and Thai mother.

From what I know it is not a heavily used term within Thailand but I believed it to be originated in America. Although it is not a heavily used term in Thailand if or when they find out someone is mixed(Thai and foreign) they will enevitably ask "Mae Khun Thai chai plao?". Thai people will also respond differently to finding out a mixed person gets the Thai heritage from their father opposed to persons who have a Thai mother and Foreign father. I have witnessed first hand this truth.

I believe it is a politically incorrect term because of the huge grey area between well educated outstanding Thai women and those lazy girls who choose to look at Farang as potential money making opportunity and all the variables in between. At the same time we all know that their are such things as gogo babies in the sense that some lonely pathetic farang marry the first gogo dancers/prostitute they found and created this child out of a "Why not?" type of scenario.

I am simply posting this topic to find out the opinions of people on this forum Thai and non-Thai alike. Those Lonely farang(I know your out there) are welcome to reply aswell.

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