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Rumour Of 60day Visa Exempt Soon, Any More Info?

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I was reading a comment on the stickman site this week, be it as he says only rumours, of new visa rules for westerners in newspapers, does anyone have any creditible info on this?

It is kind of timely for me !!!!!

Quoted from Stickman

"Indications from the mainstream press have it that the visa situation for Westerners visiting Thailand looks likely to be made a little easier. There are numerous rumours about just what the new rules will be, but for sure, the government seems conscious that tourists bring in much needed cash and they want to make it easier for tourists to stay longer. One rumour has it that the 30 day visa waiver that Westerners are entitled to will be extended to 60 days. The other rumour has it that visa waivers (that's the stamp you get in your passport if you didn't apply for a visa at a Thai embassy or consulate before entering the country) could be extended for 2 months in country which would give a total time in county of 75 or 90 days. Currently a visa waiver can only be extended for 7 days in country at which point you have to leave."

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