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Ec Mall Pricing Confusion


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I am currently in the market for a DSLR and have more or less set on getting the Canon 50D kit with 18-200mm lens. While browsing through the net for its pricing in Thailand, I came across two sets of pricing for the exact same kit from EC-Mall website. What is the difference between EC-MALL + Lens 18-200IS and ศูนย์ + Lens 18-200IS? The difference in pricing seems quite substantial. Thanks.

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I can't see the Canon 50D but the pricing in the 450D at 5655baht is ridiculously low,

unless it is a down payment, then so much a month??

Fotofile wants 24,800 for the 450D standard kit and 41,900 with the 18-200mm.

The 50D with 17-85mm is 58,900 baht and 65,900 with the 18-200mm

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