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Hotel Choice: Palm Garden Or Moon & Sun Hotel?


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They both look and sound (reviews) good. I think Moon & Sun is better for more food possiblities and little shops nearby.

I only wonder if they are both quiet (will sleep a lot :o ) and have some greens and trees around the hotel.

http://www.moonandsunhotel.com or http://www.thepalmgarden.com

Which one to choose...?

Just out of interest...why these two? I would stay at the lovely Laluna resort on Sannambin Road near the old airport. Beautiful bungalows set inside a lush green garden plus a great international buffet breakfast selection!

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Thanks all for posting, also to D. I chose for The Palm Garden, for 1 reason: they picked me up from the airport.

Very content about the hotel.

Toybits, just walked by the Lodge. I am now about to check the Moon and Sun, it is closer to foods etc.

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