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Work Permit Extension

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My workpermit extension

Well, today I extended my work permit as a volunteer teacher at the labour office. I was even easier then usual. I was out within 30 minutes with my WP extended and well! They did a great job once again. :D

As a teacher at a government school I normaly needed a letter from my regional educational office, next to a letter from my school director. The school told me that there was no longe need of a letter from the educational office, as the school now has more powers to decide on their own. Seems the school was spot on, as the labour office didn't ask for it. They did in the past.But now it seems I only need a leter from the educational office when I get a new passport.

Another new thing was that I was given the extension right away. Normaly I would receive a WP3 receipt and went to immigration. Not until immigration extended my permision to stay would my Work Permit be extended as well. Saves me a another trip to the labour office.

Feel sorry for Meastro's, as now I cant give him a copy of a WP3 for his photo collection. :o

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