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Another Thai Gf Cash Question


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i'm a farang living in Phuket with my thai girlfriend.

She and I have lived together for 7 months now and as usual there have been ups and downs.

So far we have ridden them all out. I am very fond of this girl and she seems as fond of me.

In all the time we have spent together I have only ever paid for rent and bills(water, electric)

as we live together. I pay for food etc in our day to day lives.

Recently she has not been working. She now tells me she must pay about 7,500 baht for

her father's medical insurance/life insurance or something similar. I havent quizzed her too much. This covers him

for 6 months. She paid the last 1, 6 months ago by pawning some gold. She told me she got

10k for the gold and for a couple hundred baht she can have it kept until she repays the 10k

to get it back.

So just asking some advice. Does this sound familiar to anyone or could it be a scam?

She doesnt have the money so I will have to come up with it. She has 2 other sisters but

for some reason they dont pay this bill, it's down to her? Sounds like bull but I have no idea.

The idea of farang having a money tree scenario is probably playing out here again.


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It is true that you need to figure it out yourself, as it is impossible to tell from a forum what she is like, how she asked for it, etc etc. You will know in your own head what is happenin really, and you will either act on it or not. Sounds to me like she may be legit, but you never know.

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Not really possible to say if she is legit or not but 10k baht is hardly the keys to fort knox.

7500 sounds like a possible number for 6 months cover on medical insurance.

Point is.... if you have lived with her for 7 months why on earth would you think we could have any real idea as to whether she is genuine or not more than you?

Go with your own gut. If you think she is genuine then help her out. If you think she is scamming you, then i for one would finish it anyway as if you can't trust anyone for as little as £200 after living with her for 7 months there is something wrong anyway.

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Simple dude, ask your tilac to show you the insurance document stating how much the payments are and don't ever forget that LOS stands for ‘Land Of Scams’

Do the sensible thing and tell her to look for another mug to pay her bills and debts.

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jeez, dude you are really tight with the money.

yes 8 months of searching for a job in Thailand, the economic crisis and

supporting myself here has made that the case.

Wont be paid for another month or so, making for tough times right now.

My question was really to see if this is a typical thing over here? 6 month medical insurance?

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this is a true story

My Thai girlfriend paid 10k a year for an insurance policy for her father , medical coverage and cash pay out upon death.

I refused to pay the premium. she paid it herself,

Last year the Dad kicked the bucket.

She now has half a millionh Baht in the bank which I'm not seeing a single baht of.

My advice - Pay the premium.

It's not a scam.

If she starts asking you to pay for the policy on your own life insurance, well that's a different strory.

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I wager that if you start holding back with the ole readies, that you will soon become history and she will seek financial support elsewhere.

For example, if you had no dosh, do you honestly believe this girl would even give you the time of day.

Work it out for yourself.

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You pay for everything, and lately she has not been working.. now she asks you to pay for something for her father too.

Did she spend all the money she earned before? Didnt she save anything no matter how small? Didnt try contribute in any way to anything? Is it her choice not to work? Would you consider this OK if were a western woman asking for you to pay for everything and then pay for family matters too?

I realise some girls dont make much money, but I think doing something to help themselves and/or contribute in a relationship and help their families is better than just asking a bf to do it all for them.

But, if it makes you happy, and you dont mind, then just pay. I hope it turns out well for you (I really do, not just saying that. I wish everyone happiness in relationships. Myself included).

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come on, you live together for 7 months, she is with out job.... if you are serouis with her (assuming you are as you share the same roof).... Pay the medical insurance....

7,500 for six month package is accurate, it does not sound at all like a scam... At the end of the day boyfriend/girlfriends are supposed to support each other.... Last time 6month ago (you were around then) she did not ask you for money, she powned gold to pay for it, this time around I assume the gold is all gone so she is asking for help....

I can't believe how many guys think all Thai women are out to screw them for their cash...

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Why is she not looking for other work and just expecting you to pay for everything?

Sounds like she is lazy and just getting you to pay for everything. If you don't treat your relationship with her as normal thai/thai relationship then you are opening yourself up to be fleeced.

If she doesnt have work then perhaps start a business with her and ensure she pays you back. If you let her think you will just pay for everything from now on then she will become even more lazy and it will just get worse.

I'll tell you a story:

My gf wanted to go to her friends birthday party. She wanted to buy her a 340baht bottle of whiskey and she wanted me to pay for it. It's her friend so I found that attitude to be very odd. I said how much are you going to pay towards it?

She exploded a little and asked "you want my last 60 baht?"

I didnt react and let it sink in that she just said something very stupid without saying anything. She then realized it not my job to pay for everything for her. She told me she would sell her gold necklace to pay her friends gift. I could see this was her solution to her money problem. It was from her grandma but she really started looking for how she can cover her own expenses.

I always play the relationship as they would expect in a thai/thai relationship. I dont act out the rich farang and wont let her treat me like that. When we go out with her friends they have to pay their share and they do. Only in this way would you acheive a real relationship in their eyes.

If you let them walk all over you then they cant repsect you and will fleece you then move on. Just think in their shoes. If you were her what would you think or do?

Some rich farang lives with you and he pays everything and lets you not have to work and then you need some money for something important and you know he likes you so why not ask him to pay and see what happens. Stop acting like a rich old farang and start acting like a man and woman in a real relationship. And then you can have a real relationship... or you will discover it never was a real relationship in the first place and you can move on to a real one.

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A reputable Thai subsidiary (LMG) of a large US insurance company charges the following yearly premium for their standard health insurance,

age 51-55 ....... 6100 baht

age 56-60 ....... 7000 baht

age 61-65 ....... 8400 baht

I suspect native Thai insurance companies might be lower. There may be some fat in her request for the 1/2 year 7500 baht premium.

Of course, the above is only for a health insurance policy.

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<br />If it were me I would pay premium but make it clear that things are tough for you right now and until it turns around she needs to find another job and help out.<br />
<br /><br /><br />

I would go along with this suggestion.

If you have only had to pay the Bills for 7 months

and this is the first time she has asked for cash

then I would say you should be ready to help.


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jeez, dude you are really tight with the money.

hahaha tbh, I thought the same. Well, I don't know really... but if you have to make a post here to make strange people to tell you how is your gf then means you don't trust her much, otherwise you will be 100% sure is for her father. Plus, if you got the 7000 why not to help?? You are not going to be in the street for that money. Plus, you see.. if she starts to come up with thing every month, then you know she is making up stuff. You never know that you help her now and then she will not ask you for something like this anymore. Take it as a present?

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I get asked to pay about B15,000 a year for some sort of insurance policy for her mother. I think it is some sort of combined life and medical policy which is probably not the best around but I did suggest that she get medical insurance for her mum, as there is no father around to pay for medical bills and I thought it made sense to have her covered in case of serious illness. What yours is aking for is in the right ball park but you can look at the statement, if you want to check. You should ask yourself what would you do, if her dad got seriously ill without insurance - just dump her to avoid the hospital bills? If it is combined with life insurance, it should pay for at least the funeral costs, if her dad kicks the bucket which otherwise would also be hard for you to refuse without dumping her. In the late 90s economic collapse, a Thai friend of mine, whose business had just gone bust and whose house had been repossessed by the bank and whose husband had just left her, lost both her parents within two weeks of each other. They had no insurance of any type and none of the brothers and sisters would help. I had to pay their final hospital bills for her to be able to check them out of the hospital that would otherwise not hand over the corpses as well as pay the funeral costs. There was not much else I could do and still be able to look myself in the eye. Cost me the better part of B100k. Don't let it happen to you, if you can avoid it. She sounds worth hanging on to. If she goes, how much will you end up spending in bars instead?

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My gf wanted to go to her friends birthday party. She wanted to buy her a 340baht bottle of whiskey and she wanted me to pay for it.

She told me she would sell her gold necklace to pay her friends gift. I could see this was her solution to her money problem. It was from her grandma but she really started looking for how she can cover her own expenses.

She was prepared to sell a present from her grandmother to buy a bottle of whiskey??? (Unless you changed your mind and bought it for her. Did you?)

Sounds like a wonderful person with all the emotional and caring attributes anyone could possibly ask for!

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