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Strange Request Or Not?

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My thai wife is buying a house and land in Min Buri. They are asking for a copy of my passport for the registration with the Amphur. I cant see the necessity but TIT. Anyone got any knowledge of this?

Please no Data protection Nazis need answer, just looking for others experiences.

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Might have to do with the permission your wife needs to buy property. It is normal if your wife takes out loan for example that you also have to agree with this. Normaly you then supply a copy of your ID.

I doubt there is an issue, you will likely also be asked to sign a disclaimer stating that you have no financial interest in the land.

Cheers guys,

Thanks for the quick reply. off to sign today and buy some furniture and curtains (oh joy!)

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The statement that you have no financial interest is something different. I have to sign for agreement if my wife want to take a loan or stands gurantee for someone else. But Taksin also had to sign for his concent when his wife bought certain property.

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