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Can anyone give me info on someone that can do a good job for me transfering video camera footage to DVD in the Chiangmai area?

Last year I had an old videotape converted to DVD in the Computer Plaza.

Lots of little shops in there that will do the job.

It cost 200 baht.

But please realise that on converting from analogue to digital, there is a loss of quality on the exchange. That is the system and may be disappointed with the result.

If you do decide to have it done, ask the guy to make sure that the conversion is done in pal (25fps). This is the Thai format for playing on a DVD player. ntsc American version 29fps will not convert to pal. Cause audio out of sync and jerky video.

Some ntsc 29fps may play on a Thai DVD player, others will not.

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Thanks everyone I will take the quality into consideration when looking at doing the conversion. I do have a PC however one lot of tapes I want to convert are older style 8mm tapes and I do not have anything to run them in as the camera for these expired a long time ago.

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