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2 Romanian arrested for using fake ATM cards in Hua Hin

The Nation Feb 22, 2009

Two Romanian tourists were arrested in Hua Hin Saturday using fake ATM cards to withdraw cash. A search of their hotel room found 140 fake cards.

Christina Marinela Budau, 22, and Iuliana Hogas, 21, reportedly confessed to police that they had been hired for Bt10,000 each by a British friend to withdraw cash in Thailand on the cards and transfer it to the friend.

The arrest resulted from a report by a card-theft suppression unit that female tourists had been using fake cards in Hua Hin since February 15.

The Thai Commercial Bank was checking if all the cards had been used, and police initially charged them with possessing and using fake cards to the detriment of others.

The women travelled from London to Thailand on February 14 and were scheduled to return on February 26, deputy inspector Colonel Ratthapong Kaewyod said. Police found they had been to Thailand in October, November and December, each time for one week or a fortnight, he said.

Police suspect they may have stolen Bt30 million.



Whats going on is SLEEPY HUA HIN ???? :o:D:D

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