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A Complaint With Thaivisa Set Up


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I have a complaint with the Thaivisa system of posting. Maybe I'm just missing something and it's me and not these forums. When I respond to a topic there doesn't seem to be anyway to cut and save what I am typing if there is a sudden computer shut down, or when I want to change something in my paragraph. The only solution seems to be typing my response separately in "Word" and then cut and pasting it from there. If I click with the right button there is no choice for "cut". There is only a choice for "paste". Am I missing something here?

It is VERY annoying considering the frequent internet shut downs locally. If it happens just after typing a few paragraphs I lose it all with no way of recovering to post later.

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highlight what you want to save and <cont>c

this should copy it into your buffer

(as for running a clipboard --- it won't)

Thanks, I'll try that. I'm fairly new to the forum and am still trying to find my way around. I use the running clipboard available in all the other forums I'm involved with.

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I keep a copy of Notepad open for those instances and just select the text and right click > copy or as JD, CTRL+C and paste into the Notepad. With Firefox if I select text in Thaivisa (keyword - Select text) I have the choice of copy/cut/paste (paste though will only be available if something is on the clipboard from a previous cut or copy).

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