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William Osborne

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I am a member of quite a few forums and i must say TV is probably the most over policed forum ever..

Can't believe how many members get banned (not one off trolls but long established ones) and anytime a topic leads towards some lively discussion it is immediately closed :D Don't think it was as bad few years ago but now seems there are more "moderators" or "supermoderators" than ever.

was just reading a topic where a poster asked if there were any other Expat thai forums, I was just about to reply but lo and behold it was "closed" Thought it was a reasonable request ?? The poster was even warned by a mod that he may get his "knuckles rapped" for even bringing up such a topic :D

Forums require certain amount of freedom of speech to allow personalities to develop but on TV every post coud be written by the same person (as most charactors have already been banned).

anyway, thats me for today....no doubt this will closed :o

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