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Down On The "farm" Today

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No bumping? Should be outlawed.

Anyway....I used to keep a diary. (dangerous, I know) Actually, the only danger is revealing how much of a pratt I am. I found it the other day......

"Worked down on the farm all day. Taught myself the basics of driving the tractor. Pulled it out of the barn with the trailer attached. Then couldn't put the <deleted> thing back in. The trailer's got a mind of it's own when it comes to reversing. I unhitched the trailer, left it outside and put the tractor in the barn......hoping no one was watching."

(Different day, I must add)

5pm, time to put the herd away. They know the drill. Girls in this pen, boys over there. They do it every night normally no problem. Tonight......no. 4 of the bigger bulls decide they want to sleep with the girls. I'm too knackered to chase them out and I know what a big mistake they've made. Those old girls have got long horns and will take no shit from pissant bulls, especially where food is concerned. The Brahman cross was the first to get it. He barged his way between them to get to the trough.

A first calf heifer took 3 steps back and put a horn up his hole. Good job we put a retaining bar over the trough, else he'd have finished arse up in it. When I left, all 4 were standing at the back of the pen, looking very sorry for themselves. (sheepish?...no no, I couldn't possibly say that)


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