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Firefox 1.0.1 Dns Lookup Glitch?


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Is anyone else getting alot of "somedomain.net cannot be found" when using the updated Firefox? I'm not having dns lookup troubles with any other programs, but alot with Firefox. :D

Don't tell me to switch browsers as I'm both stubborn, and lazy. :o


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Problem is because the IDN look-up has been disabled in your up-dated version.

Reason is:


"However, we also have a duty to protect our users. So, in the mean time, the enableIDN preference will be set to "false" in Firefox 1.0.1 and Mozilla 1.8 beta, including all official localisations. An XPI will be made available to turn it on again; this XPI will make the risks of doing so clear. This means that by default, links to IDN domains which use the Unicode rather than the punycode form for the href will fail, and the browser will display any IDN domain visited in its raw form."

Full URL for reason is:


Fix is found at:


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