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Vw Bus Mechanic Wanted


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I think I've seen one for sale on the middle ring road in Chiang Mai, southern section in between the Hang Dong road and the old Lamphun road underpass. But not sure, I'll check next time I drive past there.

(I assume you refer to the classic one, the mother of all passenger vans)

Also check the used car thumbnail magazines.

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I owned a 1966 1500cc model for ten years...all you need is a screw driver and some pliers to fix anything on those machines...

also...get John Muir's 'Volkswagen repair and maintenance for the compleat idiot' to get you started...he launched a legion of DIY VW mechanics...

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I see VW buses for sale quite often. Usually price for one that is externally in very nice shape seems to be around 80-100 thousand. You should be able to get all the parts you need in the Worachak area and elsewhere. There are VW clubs here too.

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