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Joey Boy

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Used it but wouldnt trust them as far as I could spit em..

They lock accounts, getting any information or contact is extremely difficult.. They are basically a dont ask internet payment system, hence why hackers selling credit card info and ponzi scams all use e-gold as thier preferred transaction medium. Lie down with dogs expect to catch fleas.

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E-gold is the best payment system.

I use e-gold 5 years.

yes, e-gold is surely the best payment system.

it is much better than Paypal and can easily be cashed out at a reasonable rate.

it may block account but as long as you are not from China and you have inserted all the REAL information about yourself, they will not block your account. I have used it since 2000 and my account has never been blocked at all.

Anyway e-gold may blocked account BUT you can still access it and send to other accounts which accepts block accounts. This is also easily done.

So e-gold is surely the best around.

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