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I am playing with the idea of bringing a full size pickup like Toyota Tundra V8, Cadillac Escalade, Hummer H2 or similar to LOS. Being made in OZ, there is no importduty on vehicles with more than 3000cc engine. Only 50% excice tax on vehicles value. So are any of these made in OZ? If not, any of them made RHD in any other country?

Next loophole would be to have a roof over the bed and some seats, classified as +10 seater bus, I believe there is no excice tax either, only 7% VAT. Farang not allowed to drive more than 7 seats, but blue on white plates nobody seems to care.

Basicly I retired from ideas like this 8 years ago. Sure, wild, but any inputs?

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All of those are imports into Australia, infact they dont exist in OZ through mainstream channels, they are grey imports (LHD) and then converted..... to RHD and complied.

EDIT: Oz don't have pickups, they are utes.

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All of those are imports into Australia.

Thanks, saying that must mean at least they come with OZ spec and RHD. So +10 seat bus is still an option, avoiding import duty and excise tax. Any links with info OZ spec and prices?

No, they would be grey imports (private companies doing local conversion in limited numbers) these are crazily expensive compared to their US LHD cousins.


Having said that it looks like the Escalade is available in OZ from Cadillac.


Anywho, none of the vehicle you mentioned are locally available in OZ, all are converted imports.

What makes you thinks its cheaper to import from AUS, I looked into buying a ute and bringing it out (Ford Falcon BA XR8) ........... was gunna owe me nearly $120,000 AUD by the time I had it here in my name.

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