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Por Khor 14

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hi please help i need a image of a por khor 14 document , we are currently in the process of applying for settlement visa

my wife has custody paers but iam just checking they are the right ones

thanks alan

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If they're Court/Amphur custody papers from a divorce they won't be a PK14.

For a PK14 basically your wife would go to the Amphur along with two credible witnesses and, in front of a government official, make a statement about her daughter. It would basically be a complete history of her daughter's life, where, and with whom she lives and has lived with throughout her life, and who has been responsible for her upbringing, the decision making and financial costs during her life.

For a child settlement visa, if your wife has papers showing she has sole custody that's fine, but she will also have to show that has, and continues to exercise, sole day to day responsibility for her daughter. If her daughter has always (and still does) lived with her, sole responsibility is usually taken as read with very little proof other than that they live together necessary. A PK14 is not necessary.

If however her daughter lives with relatives but your wife lives elsewhere (eg: in Thailand for work, or in the UK) she will have to show that, even though they live apart, she continues to exercise sole day to day responsibility for her daughter. Here a PK14 can be a useful addition to the other documentary proof you need to supply, and, in some circumstances, if not already supplied, an ECO has been known to ask for one.

A PK14 on it's own is not enough to prove sole responsibility though.

Hope this helps.

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