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Tourist Visa Question

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so im going to thailand on a one way flight the 27th of this month

now i have the application form for the visa

best way to fill it out

what else do i need to send in with it to get a tourist visa

i know this is last minute but i don't leave for at least 10 days so

from the united states in Chicago

do i really have to send in like flight information stuff?

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yep, i agree. since every thai consulate interpret the laws in different ways u should call the consulate. i had to show either a flight to outside thailand or a booking of a hotel/guesthouse outside thailand for each entry. while for example the embassy in vientianne give away double entry tourist visa without any requirements (only if u have to many touristvisa already u might become a problem there).

so it really depends on the consulates interpretation of the current laws. the consulate are as the countrys inhabitants/authorities - everyone do whatever he/she/it wants.

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Hi . I,m not sure about what the thai consulates in america expect you to send in with your visa . but in my country ever time i apply for a visa of 3x60 days tourist visa they only ask that i send my passport . the fee , a return envelope for your passport , 2 pictures. and the application form . also they will ask how long you plan to stay . but they never asked me to prove this . i always just tell them 6 months. I have also done 4 visa runs in my time and never asked to show prove or airline ticket or funds of any kind. . you should apply for you visa at least 7 days before you leave . it takes my country about 5 to 7 days to return my passport.

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