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Can Someone Please Convert The Names Ramanya And Lamanya Into Thai Script Please


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can someone please convert lamanya and ramanya into thai for me ?

many thanks for helping me out,

also does anyone know where i can get letters converted from thai into english reasonibly priced ?

i have used star visa services before in chiang mai but they charge 300B for one - i have quite a few to do so after somewhere cheaper if poss.



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There are a few different ways to write the name in Thai. I dont know the official way.

Heres a few:

Lamanya ลมันยา / ลมันยะ / ลามันยา / ลามันยะ / ลมานยา / ลมานยะ.... one of those should suffice.

Ramanya (change the first letter from ล to ร)

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I think ลามันย่า looks good/appropriate.

" ลมานยา " sounds very close in Thai pronunciation, but " มานยา" has the same pronunciation as " มารยา ", meaning a negative sense - pretended.

" ลมันยะ " is the closest pronunciation, but " มันยะ" is close to what a girl/woman utters when she enjoys herself, particularly in sexual intercourse. LOL

As for " Ramanya", I have the same idea as that by murf.

Just my idea. What about other recommendations?

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i will have a look on her birth certificate and see which is closest -

when she says her name she rolls the r and like : rrrrrramanya

problem i have is some of her papers have Lamanya and some have ramanya because conversion mistakes have been made in the past.

thanks for your info.


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Ramayana รามยณะ is the Indic spelling of what is known as รามเกียรติ์ in Thai.

EDIT; oops, I just realised the spelling is Ramanya not Ramayana.

Ramanya รมัณยา or รมันยา.

Doing a Google search the first spelling is more popular.

Well done !!!

It could be รามายานา ---> รามายาน์ (รา-มา-ยา) for รามเกียรต์

We do not pronounce น์ (ภาษาไทย เราไม่ออกเสียงตัวการันต์ ค่ะ)

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