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Oem Piston Needed For Rx135/Rx-K


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Dear All,

I have a Indian RX135 and as most of you are aware, the OEM piston is from "ART" Japan. But here in India we have sizes of only STD, 0.25mm & 0.50mm as per parts catalouge. But for Indonesian RX-K & Malay RX-Z (5PV2 version) the sizes of even 0.75mm & 1.00mm are avaialble & i assume since they are company packed they ought to be from "ART".

Any help in this matter to source these pistons will be of great help.

Thanks in advance.

- Karthik..

Note: The part numbers are mentioned below for reference,

11637 (0.75mm)

11638 (1.00mm)

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I went to my local re bore shop at the end of the street and ask for a piston for RX135 and they shock their heads. Could be it is not in Thailand or too old.?

I think you need to research some Indonesian sites.

Found this Akunar pistons as hispeedpistons doesn't have .

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Hi karthikdattag,

You can PM me, I can offer pistons from standard all the way up to +2.0mm (in steps of 0.25mm) for the Yamaha RX-K, I can also offer RX-Z pistons which Yamaha specifies as being different.

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