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What'S This 'Ann' Thing?


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About a year back I started noticing the predominance of the nickname 'Ann' used by young Thai women, I wasn't exactly counting, but a look at the phone number list I have pinned above my desk reveals 8 Thai women calling themselves 'Ann' out of 27 women on the list.

Last week I met 3 more 'Ann's and my wife commented that two of her friends have recently (in the past month or so) announced they wish to be addresses as 'Ann'.

So what's going on here? I'm having to add suffixes to sort one Ann from anther - Ann-Bts / Ann-Rbs / Ann-Accnts#1 / Ann-Accnts#2 etc.

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25 Years ago It was common in the N.E. manly used by the light skined Esarn Girls,as to why no idea..I too have noticed, its spread South quickly just lately.its used in place of Moo, according to my Wife, so is Farn im now told.Dare not Question Though.!!! .:jap:

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Similar phenomenon to every third female luuk-krung child being called "Marissa".

Never got that one.

I think it was an OC thing (the series). I know of a few Mayas as well. Not sure where that came from.

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Just looked through my staff list (they have full names and nicknames on it), not 1 Ann. Come to think of it I have never met one either. Could this be a regional thing? Where are you based OP? (I am near Rayong)

manly used by the light skined Esarn Girls,

:lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol:

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They just do it.

All Thais have a nick name as you know and they just choose to change it now and then.

I think they just get bored and start to get into a fantasy world.

Try turning the tables.

Introduce yourself as Rocky Bilbao (or even better, Rocky Racoon).

Hi dear, I'm Spunkwad, but you can call me Spunk, what's your name?

Hello tilak, call my Erectile, Erectile Dysfunction. (you'll probably get called Elik.)

Pleased to meet you Anne, I'm Uriah Heap.

Hey, this sounds like fun, I think I might try it tonight.


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