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Booked my wifes and daughter flight, Decide to fly with ba

so i goes on the website puts in all the details, then it skipped to the end where it says booking reference ####

pay - offline £889.00, gives me a number, so i phone up ba gave my reference and said i want to pay over the phone with my card, ok oh no you cant seems you are not flying, you have to pay in person at heathrow or my wife will have to pay now in thailand, i said she cant, you telling me i have to travel over 100 miles pay with my card which will take 5 mins then drive back home, yes he said , um joking what the difference me give you my card details now here or driving there and giving you the details , you have to do it in person because of fraud, so there no other way he said no, stuff that so i said no thanks and put the phone down, left it 10 mins i phoned again spoken to someone else i said i want to speak to the supervisor or manager the lady says why and i explained that i want to pay for the booking i made over the phone she said no that's company policy, you have to pay in person if you are paying for someone else and departs from another county, had i word or 2 with my family about driving 2-3 hours to london to pay, so 10 mins or so later i phoned them back up to see what times they open and a another lady answer the phone i said i wanted to pay and she said yes that's no problem ,£889.00 she said no £1080, what , no no no £889 i said, oh well its £1080 now if you want to book it, paid it but i had to give them another card details so that they can check my address, 5 secs later i had emails saying all confirmed,


0 out of 10 for service so far

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In my life I've flown a lot with BA mainly because it was booked by companies for me.

Alway found them OK.

I think with all airlines sometimes there good sometimes there not.

The worse ever I took was the Russian flight with " Aeroflop " the best test ever for your "karma".

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