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Where Can I Buy Borax


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if you go in the ko san road area...

there is a huge main road near there called : Ratchamnung (excuse the spelling)

anyway,,, if you get out at the large roundabout (the one that looks like a Crown)... walk down the main road towards kosan road

you will see a LARGE university shop... forgot the name.

they sell all books and stationary downstairs,, but upstairs is a Science and chemistry department.. they sell just about any chemical and powder there is.

if you have no luck there,,, then a few more mins walk down the same road is a SMALL corner science shop,,, (it has a clinic or dentist on the 2nd floor)...

anyway,, on the ground floor at the entrance (on the left) is a large assortment of powders, chemicals and science things....

they DEFINATELY sell Borax there coz I have seen it in stock every time I go there.

it's only open mon-fri morning until 4pm. definatly not open on sunday.... not sure about saturday... but definately mon-fri.. dont arrive after 4pm/.

the other larger shop which I mentioned first is open till 5pm (mon-fri)

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in the khao san road area, there is also a co-op store with a name I do not recall.

go to Chakrapongse street which makes a t-square with khao san road on the river side and turn right.

There are two supermarkets next to each other.

Make sure you do not mix bleach with ammonia, however. toxic fumes.

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